Interesting links about sundials

National Links

Austria (text in German and in English)
Belgium (text in French, Dutch and English)
Czech Republic (text also in English, French and German)
France (text in French)
Germany (text in German)
Great Britain (text in English)
Hungary (text in Hungarian)
Ireland (Eire) (text in English)
Italy (text in Italian)
Japan (text in Japaneese)
Norway (text also in English)
Poland (text in Polish, German and English)
Portugal (text in Portuguese)
Russia (text in Russian and in English)
Slovaquia   (See Czech Republic)
Spain (text in Spanish)
Zwitserland (text in German)
The Netherlands (text in Dutch and English)
United States (text in English)

Regional Links

Alsace (F) (text in French)
Andalusia (S) (text in Spanish)
The Ardennes (F) (text in French)
Brittany (F) (text in French)
Catalonia (S) (text in Catalan and Spanish)
Eure-et-Loir (F) (text in French)
Flanders (B) (text in Dutch)
Galicia (S) (text in Galician)
Limburg (B) (text in Dutch)
Paris (F) (text in French)
Quebec (CN) (text in French)
Queyras (F) (text in French)
Rhône (F) (text in French)
Sarthe (F) (text in French)
Scotland (GB) (text in English)
Touraine (F) (text in French and in English)
Wallonia (B) (text in French)

Other interesting websites about sundials (text in Dutch and English) (text in Dutch and English) (text in English) (text in French) (text in French and in English) (text in Dutch) (text in English) (text in English) (text in English)