Province of : Limburg
City : Herk-de-Stad
Address : Market place, near the Cultiral Centre 'De Markthallen'
Postal code : 3540
Year of the sundial : 2008
Project leader : Jos Geussens
Author of the sundial : Technical Service of Herk-de-Stad
Photo : Willy Ory (2008)
Type : Meridian line
Remark :
Computing: Willy Ory
- on the commemorative stone : GODEFRIDUS WENDELINUS ASTRONOMUS 1580-1667 (Godfried Wendelen astronoom 1580-1667)
- on the windrose : TEMPUS ET SITUS A SOLE DEDUCTUS (Time and space are determined by the Sun)
The strip in light colour is oriented North-South and represents so the local meridian. It starts from the bottom of the perron, a column with a pineapple, symbol of the freedom of the city in old times. The perron acts thus as a gnomon (a vertical style). At noon one can see the shadow of the column on the strip.
The shadow of the top of the pineapple is to be seen closer to the column ot further according to the season and can so give an idea od the date. Therefore three spots are provided: one for the beginning of summer (near Jun, 21), one for the beginning of spring (near Mar, 21) en autumn (near Sep, 23) and one for the beginning of winter (near Dec, 21).
There are also a commamorative stone and a windrose on the meridian line.
This meridian is a commemoration to Godfried Wendelen (1580-1667), priest, man of letters, jurist and astronom, born in Herk-de-Stad where he has also been pastor for some time.

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