Province of : Antwerp
City : Mol
Address : Europawijk 100
Postal code : 2400
place : Playground of the primary school of the European School
Year of the sundial : 2001
Project leader : Willy Leenders
Photo : Willy Leenders (2001)
Type : Analemmatic
Remark :
Willy Leenders gave on 2001, May 8 some training a whole afternoon about sundials to the pupils in 3rd year primary school (9 years old) in the European School in Mol. His grandson, pupil in this school asked him for that.
After the course, the pupils trained themselves by drawing an analemmatic dial with a chalk on the playground.
The school management found this initiative so interesting that they let paint the sundial.
On this king of sundial plays the observer the role of the style by standing on the date of the day on a kind of calendar. His/her own shadow gives the time. The time spots are located on an elliptic line.
The biggest axis of the ellipse is 6m long.
Analemmatic sundials are very convenient for playgrounds as the pupils can be physically involved and furthermore this does not create any obstacle on the ground.

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