Province of : West-Flanders
City : Jabbeke
Address : Dorpsstraat 3
Postal code : 8490
place : Town Hall (inside)
Year of the sundial : 1782
Restoration : 2007
Project leader : Brother capucin Amantius of Saint-Amand
Photo : 2002
Type : Horizontal, multiple
Remark :
Restorer: Pieter Boudens
Brother Capuchin Amantius of Saint-Amand was the priestly name of Joannes Andreas Teirlinck (1748-1826)
This remarquable sundial was originally located in the garden of the presbytery of the city of Snellegem. Beside the local sun time, it gives the time of the cities of Constantinople, Lima, London, Madrid, Mecca and Prague and even in the former Asian regions of Bengale now known as Bengladesh.

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