New on Gnomonica

17 Aug 2017 1) Article about a new analemmatic sundial in Gaume
2) Analemmatic sundial in Rouvroy (Luxembourg)
17 Jan 2017 1) Sundial in Herne (Flemish-Brabant)
2) Grey background for the sundial pages
10 Sep 2016 1) Notice about the theft of the sundial in Oteppe (Liege)
2) Sundial in Wihéries (Hainaut)
3) Sundial in Soignies(Hainaut)
4) Sundial in Sint-Ulriks-Kapelle (Flemish-Brabant)
5) 3 sundials in the Museum of the Ceramic in Andenne (Namur)
6) Update the title of this page
07 Dec 2015 1) This page !!
2) New picture of the sundial in Brussels (Coudenberg) finally restored
3) New picture of the sundial in Muno(Luxembourg) restored
4) Article about the sundial in Humbeek
5) Article inviting to wandel in Gaume (South of Belgium)