The only purpose of our site is to draw up a list of sundials existing in Belgium, without entering into any detail on how to construct them: on this subject, there is already an abundance of literature.

Gnomonica's compilation of the sundials in Wallonia and Brussels began more than 15 years ago.

Almost at the same time, the inventory of sundials in Flanders was realized by Patric Oyen of the Flemish association Zonnewijzerkring Vlaanderen (ZKV).

The two groups then cooperated to compile a joint inventory which covers the complete sundial heritage of our country.

As our research progressed, so did this list, though we do not claim that it is complete. We have accumulated the photos and slides over the years. And we feel that the time is now right to invite you to share the results. Sundials are a fundamental part of our scientific and cultural heritage.

For obvious security reasons, addresses of sundials situated in private properties or which are parts of private collections have not been divulged; this is not the case for sundials situated on public buildings or in the public domain. It should be noted that if the owner of a sundial mentioned in this list so desires, the photo in question will be withdrawn from our site immediately.

Every effort has been made to guarantee the pertinence of information indicated herein and, where possible, to name the authors of the sundials. However, should there be any problem concerning the information given, the persons involved should contact us without delay.

Our grateful thank go to all those concerned for their kind hospitality and their permission to photograph the sundials. Unless otherwise mentioned, all the photos on this site were taken by members of Gnomonica or the Zonnewijzerkring Vlaanderen (ZKV).
Thanks to Marguerite Bernard, art historian, for her specific contribution.

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